luminous pen instead of radioactivity

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Fri Oct 21 16:56:17 EST 1994

In article <37u7ff$hd at>, schalkwy at (Leo Schalkwyk) writes:
> One luminous paint you can use for labelling
> blots is "Neon Nite Lites" made by Tulip
> Productions, Natick, Ma.   The only problem is that the
> paint is thick and comes out of the applicator in
> wide lines.
> Leo Schalkwyk
Although I haven't been reading all the comments, I remember reading
the original (I think) article in BioTechniques.  I bought the 
Tulip paint, and also found it a little thick right out of the tube.
I resolved this by getting a sheet of little white labels, and using
either a tiny paintbrush or toothpick, wrote the numbers and alphabet
on the labels.  After they dried, I could peel the ones I wanted off, and
stick them to the baggie or saran wrap.  In fact, several years, later, if
I walk into the lab at night and have the drawer open, I can still see
them glowing at me.
I found it worked well, but remember that you don't want to overexpose
them to visible light before you use them - as someone noted, overexposure.
Have fun,
Sue Katz, Biology, Doane College

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