wizard prep of DNA

MAD, MAD, MAD SCIENTIST jwg at gnv.ifas.ufl.edu
Fri Oct 21 13:39:42 EST 1994

We have had problems with the wizard kits giving large quantities
of bacterial chromosomal DNA when using them for large scale plasmid
isolations.  Also we always got a A280/A260 ratio of 1.65 no matter what
and other people we talk to got the same results.  When we called
Promega's tech people they told us they had made a mistake in their
instructions and that we should do all steps that the instructions 
say to do at 4C at room temperatures.  I do not know why they didn't
send corrected instructions to all who bought their kits.  They did
not offer to replace our kit either but we are talking to our sales
rep about getting a refund.  Meanwhile I will stop using Promega's
wizard and other kits, and am about to change suppliers for Restriction
enzymes as well.


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