Luminescent vs fluorescent ELISA

John J Naleway jnaleway at
Sat Oct 22 10:09:39 EST 1994

In article <37pl5s$l7t at>, jlfunder at (James L Funderburgh) writes:
>I would like to improve the signal/noise for my ELISA assays and I am considering either a luminescent or fluorescent 96-well spectrophotometer.  I would appreciate anyone's opinion of both the methodology and of any instruments thy might have used.  For example:  The fluorescent instruments can also work to quantitate cells attached to the plastic wells using nuclear stains, but are there fluorogenic substrates fo the enzymes (peroxidase and phosphatase) normally used to tag antibodies?
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>Jim funderburgh (jlfunder at
>Division of Biology
>Kansas State University
>Manhattan, KS 66506

The new ELF Substrates fromMolecular Probes are precipitating fluorescent
stains for Alk Phos.  See article in Tet. Lett. to be published in November.


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