oligonucleotide synthesizers

hl15 at hubrecht.nl hl15 at hubrecht.nl
Sat Oct 22 09:08:17 EST 1994

This may be an issue that has already been dealt with millions of times, 
1] What is currently the opinion on synthesizing oligos. Is ordering them
from a company so (relatively) inexpensive that the hassle of having and
taking care of your own machine is a waste of energy, or is it
worthwhile/advisable to buy one if one can afford it? (I realize that this
depends on variables like local costs and the salary of the technician who 
doing the work.)
2] If one would buy a synthesizer, what is a good machine in terms of
price/quality, service etc. After functioning well for several years our
Millipore/Waters machine tends to fall apart now, with valves repeatedly
breaking, and probably other problems as well. This is Europe, so I'm not
interested in companies with no service outside the USA. Cost of chemicals
is of course important; there seem to be enormous differences in prices,
sometimes coupled to the service contact and/or warranty.
Thanks for your suggestions,
Frits Meijlink
Hubrecht Laboratory (Netherlands Inst. for Developmental Biology)
frits at hubrecht.nl

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