PCgene program

Hank Seifert h-seifert at nwu.edu
Fri Oct 21 15:33:27 EST 1994

> After trying out a few programs for the PC last year, to design PCR 
> primers, I finally decided to buy PCGENE.  We got the PC version.  We 
> have been very happy with it.  It is a powerful set of programs.  I don't 
> know anything about MacVAX.  We had tried Oligo, and we are also using 
> the GCG program that runs on a VAX.  It's expensive, but worth it.  We 
> purchased it from IntelliGenetics, which has changeed its name, I 
> believe.  Anyway, their old  phone was 415.962.7300 in the US.  Is hk 
> hong kong?  There is a number here for Japan: 81-45-661-3414; and 
> Belgium: 32-3-219-5354.
I've used PCGENE for years and it has its good and bad sides. The programs are 
well written and can do almost any sequence manipulation and comparison you 
would want. However, the file orginization capabilities of the program are
limited. Also, the way files and commands are used in the different program
modules changes within the different modules. The oneline help is not
usually very helpful and the manual has little more information. Finally, 
it is a real problems with loading alternate file types. If you do not mind 
cursing at the program in a semi-regular time schedule, PCGENE will 
do the job. 
We have just ordered GENERUNNER for Windows and are hoping that 
this program will be easier to useand avoid the switching in and 
out of PCGENE that we often do now. Does anyone have good or bad 
experiences with GENERUNNER?

Hank Seifert
Northwestern University

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