Maybe a stupid PCR ques

Fabrice Glibert glibert at
Mon Oct 24 06:46:40 EST 1994

In article <n1429361129.51968 at>, margaret_shirra at MACMAILGW.DFCI.HARVARD.EDU ("Margaret Shirra") writes:
|>         Reply to:   RE>>Maybe a stupid PCR question & a ETBr question
|> do you have your nucleotides in the cocktail also?  I tried this one time
|> (made the cocktail overnight, so I could just add the different DNA's in the
|> morning) and the PCR didn't work.  A collegue said that she had read (didn't
|> say where) that the nt's weren't that stable in the PCR buffer because of the
|> pH.  Guess you just have to try it yourself.
|> my $0.02 worth
|> Peg

We use a "cocktail" too with each primer, each nucleotides and
taq buffer. We froze it and we can use it during few weeks
without problems

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