Long gel dryers

Jim Owens jow at helix.nih.gov
Mon Oct 24 07:54:06 EST 1994

In article <34529295DA5 at bmt.mcw.edu> Frederick Garbrecht,
FRED at bmt.mcw.edu writes:
>How do you dry 60 cm sequencing gels?  I can't find a gel dryer long 
>enough to accommodate such a long gel.  Any hints welcome.  Thanks

We run 80 and 60 cm gels.  We cut 3MM filter paper to the size that fits
in a large x-ray film cassette.  We use a piece of used film as a
template for this.  Then when the glass plates are pried apart, the gel
is trimmed as much as possible along the sides.  The paper is laid on the
gel so a long edge of the paper is about 1 cm from a long edge of the
gel.  Press on the paper with a gloved hand.  Cut the gel with a sharp
razor blade along the top edge of the paper.  Lift the paper and gel. 
Put the paper down with the gel up.  Press the glass plate with the
remainder of the gel on an open area of the paper.  If the gel is narrow
enough, you can make the two parts parallel on the paper.  Some of the 60
cm gels are too wide for this, but the top of the gel fits sideway with
respect to the bottom part of the gel.  

Be sure to leave some paper below the bottom part of the gel since it
will need some slight trimming to fit into the film cassette.  The
"middle" part of the gel will go right up to the top edge of the paper,
so you will need to make the paper a little shorter than the film to
expose the cut edge of the gel.

Good luck,

Jim Owens

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