DNA/phenol problem

Jennifer_ Welsh jwelsh at er1.rutgers.edu
Mon Oct 24 04:15:43 EST 1994

Dear Netters,

I've been doing a standard (mod. Birnboim and Doly) alkaline lysis DNA
prep on 40ml E. coli cultures.  All of a sudden I was having trouble
getting a decent yield.  I did the protocol in parallel using my
solutions and another person's.  An agarose gel shows the yield to be
the same before phenol extraction but not after (the same phenol was
used for both preps).  Does anyone have any ideas about what is going
wrong?  I checked the pH of the NaOAc.  It's correct.  All advice
gratefully accepted.

Thanks in advance,

Jennifer Welsh

If you want me, look at welsh at biovax.rutgers.edu

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