Detection of "Invisible" Proteins???

Tue Oct 25 17:01:10 EST 1994

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>In article <1994Oct24.191425 at>, ggordon at wrote:
>> etc.).  Our problem is this...this sequence contains NO AROMATIC AA's...That 
>> means it can't be detected by UV-light, and therefore can't have its
>> concentration determined by spectrophotometry.
>>         This is very frustrating, since we will get large numbers of fractions
>> and would like to know which ones contain the optimal ammount of protein.
>You can certainly use 214 nm for peptide bond absorption, why do you cry
>for aromatic-less?:)

Maybe they can't if their FPLC doesn't use wavelengths that low.  If only 
they bought a real HPLC...

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