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In article <38j93e$2arm at lamar.ColoState.EDU>, shecht at lamar.ColoState.EDU (Steven Hecht) writes:
> In another lab, in another lifetime, we would duplicate our autorads
> by running them through a small unit with a sheet of duplicating film.
> The unit had a brightness adjustment that sorta worked and the films
> rolled by a light source. We then developed the film as regular Xomat
> film. We could then cut it up for figures, posters, etc rather than
> our originals. I see in the Sigma catalog as DUP-C film, which I presume
> what we used. Does anyone have a source, possible cost, or ever heard
> of the duplicating unit?
> thank you-

We bought a duplicator a year ago through a local medical
supply distributor.  

the instrument:
Radiograph Duplicating Printer
Model BXR Mark II

Blue-Ray, Inc
Essex, Connecticut  06426

Tel: 203-767-0141   Fax: 203-767-0756   

and the DUP-C film works well in it.   

Hope this helps.

Susan Kramer, DuPont/NEN Products
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