Quick response from Hogness lab!

Patric Lundberg psl at ahabs.wisc.edu
Mon Oct 24 19:18:52 EST 1994

To all,

I recently asked for help concerning a vector carrying EcR which the
Hogness lab  at Stanford had constructed in 1991.  In that mail I claimed
that these researchers were hard to find - This is not so!

I had tried to use Gopher and Finger to locate the people that were on
that initial article, hoping they were still at Stanford.  These attempts
yielded no address to the lab.

As soon as my note landed on the Usenet, Pat Hurban (currently in the
Hogness lab) contacted me and correctly pointed out that the Hogness lab
is very accessible through the network.  Hogness is even listed in

In summary, I appologize to the Hogness lab for my previous suggestion
that they are hard to get hold of.  In fact they are very quick to
respond, and my mail request should simply have been to ask them for

Sincerely, Patric.

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  psl at ahabs.wisc.edu
  UW-Madison, Mad-town USA

  Ma'let a"r ingenting, va"gen a"r allt - R. Broberg
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