error free proteins

Varyc varyc.mmcri at OFFICE.MMC.ORG
Tue Oct 25 06:06:17 EST 1994

Dear netters,
I enjoyed reading B. Foley's summary 'calculations' in methods. I am curious
as to readers' opinions on the most error-free polymerase(s) to employ for
RT-PCR. Specifically for the  purpose of  1. cDNA synthesis from a mRNA and
2. pcr amplification to end up with an error free clone for protein expression. As
both the RT and the Taq pol's lack 3' editing error can creep in at any stage.
My concern stems from the observation of too many sequence changes for
comfort when scanning clones for restriction sites or other more direct
measures on sequence integrity.

Cal Vary
Maine Medical Center Research Inst.

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