Homebrew saline for Contact Lenses

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Tue Oct 25 18:41:16 EST 1994

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> I realize this isn't exactly what molbio.methds-reagnts is all about, but
> it IS sort of lab related...has anyone made their own saline for use with
> contact lenses?  If so, could you share the recipe/protocol?  Thanks...

The method is no problem.  However, be REAL sure that it is sterile.  A
lot of problames (like eye loss, and even death) have resulted from
regular old store bought stuff that has been contamionated.  The case that
comes to mind is a Pharmacist who used to sell his own "brand" to
customers.  Somehow, one of his lots got contaminated with P.Areuginosa
(sp?!) a pretty nasty strain of bacteria (they tend to be real resistant
to anti-biotics, not necessarily particularly virulent).

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