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> Hi netters,
> I have just been told that an alternative to polyacrylamide gels exists.
It is 
> called "Long ranger gels" or something similar and the brand is AT
Biochem. Do 
> anyone know more about this product and can someone point out the Swedish 
> supplier (or any supplier...) to me? 
> Thanks in advance,
> Peter Thoren
> Dept.of Genetics, Uppsala University
> Box 7003; S-750 07 Uppsala
> Sweden
> e-mail: Peter.Thoren at genetik.uu.se

We too, have been using Long Ranger for a year or so now.  Another solid
endorsement.... we love it!  In addition to the benefits that others have
mentiones, it seems to be "tougher" then acrylamide gels.  We used to have
problames with "squitching" and breaking of the gels.  No more.

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