Long gel dryers

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Tue Oct 25 21:44:00 EST 1994

In article <34529295DA5 at bmt.mcw.edu>, FRED at bmt.mcw.edu ("Frederick Garbrecht") writes:
> How do you dry 60 cm sequencing gels?  I can't find a gel dryer long 
> enough to accommodate such a long gel.  Any hints welcome.  Thanks
> Frederick C. Garbrecht
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> Medical College of Wisconsin
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	We used to run sequencing gels that were longer than our autorad
cassettes so we simply ran the gel, placed a piece of plastic wrap over the
center of the gel, and cut it in half with a razor blade.  If you cut it in a
zig-zag pattern, you will have no trouble aligning the resultant autorads.  My
suggestion would be to cut your gels in a similar manner, then dry them one
half at a time.

	Hope this helps,

	Mark Hughes
	St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
	MHUGHES at mbcf.stjude.org

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