How good is the Eagle Eye II ? Alternatives ?

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Wed Oct 26 13:11:46 EST 1994

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> 	Our school has been using the original Eagle Eye from Stratagene;  it
> is absolutely terrific.  We can detect bands on protein or DNA gels that we
> can't see with our own "eagle eyes".  We've had it about two years and it is
> used virtually every day (even on weekends) and about five-seven times each
> day.  The printouts are publication quality.  Some students even used the white
> box to take pictures of computer printouts for the purposes of making high
> quality posters!
> Good luck!
We have the Eagle Eye II and have it linked to our Macintosh's through an
Appleshare network.  The other possibility is loading the tif file onto a disk
and have software on your Mac that will read IBM-formatted disks.

I personally do not like the light pen configuration (ergonomics and all
that)so we have both pen and mouse hooked up.

Some people have already loaded the TIF files into Apple software and prepared
quickie overhead transparencies and the like for presentations.

To be totally fair, if you are looking at a system like this, Fotodyne and
others now have their own systems.  Fotodyne's is already Mac-based if that
might turn you on.

Jim Miller
Lilly Research Labs

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