SS amplification woes

Wed Oct 26 11:07:27 EST 1994

Dear Anyone:

My lab is having considerable difficulties producing ss DNA using PCR.  We are examining avian 
mtDNA.  We have tried almost all conventional and cost effective techniques including one primer 
methods, disproportionate primer methods, etc.  We've tried amplification from total DNA as well as 
from purified ds amplified DNA.  We frequently seem to obtain ds DNA even when employing only one 
primer.   How is this possible? .  We also use ethidium bromide to stain the agarose gels; could this 
be a problem?  We would greatly appreciate any advice, proven protocols, references, etc.  Please 
reply to the address listed below.  Thank you in advance.

-Victor DeFilippis
Wayne State University
e-mail: vicdef at

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