Does no polyadenylation site mean no polyadenylation?

Martin Kennedy mkennedy at
Thu Oct 27 22:45:02 EST 1994

In article <9410262354.AA0143 at>, rr at BMMB01.UMESCI.MAINE.EDU writes:
> We have a genomic clone from Phytophthora infestans that looks normal in most 
> ways.  It lacks a polyadenylation site, however, within 800bp or so of the stop
> codon. Do we infer that the mRNA is not polyadenylated?  Any pointers to 
> relevant references appreciated.
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> Robert Roxby                                    rroxby at

Could there be a downstream non-coding exon, much further away, that contains 
the poly_A addition site?  3' anchored PCR would answer this, and also 
demonstrate whether polyA RNA existed using a cryptic site downstream of your 
stop codon.



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