DNA/phenol problem

Jim Owens jow at helix.nih.gov
Thu Oct 27 16:21:30 EST 1994

In article <38oiul$9su at mark.ucdavis.edu> Michael Cooley,
szcooley at dale.ucdavis.edu writes:
>Andre Hamel (hamel at cc.umanitoba.ca) wrote:
>: Regarding NaOH-SDS plasmid preps (Birnboim & Doly) ... is the NaOH
>: stored in plastic? ... better NOT be stored in glass, elsewise conc of
>: hydroxyl increases along with Na-Si ppt ... buggers up more than just
>: lysis preps.
>This is a real strange thread. I have never buffered my phenol for 
>plasmid preps and have never had a yield problem. Also I have always 
>stored my NaOH in glass and never notice any buggered up preps.

Now for my $.02:

Andre Hamel's post reminds me that the original Birnboim & Doly paper
says something about a time limit for keeping the three solutions. 
Strong base will slowly etch glass, but it also absorbs CO2 from air
which leads to formation carbonic acid which neutralizes NaOH.  

Good luck,

Jim Owens

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