DNA from formalin preserved tissue

Thomas F Duda duda at uhunix2.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu
Wed Oct 19 04:09:05 EST 1994

I am currently trying to extract (and amplify) DNA from tissue
originally fixed in formalin (actual length of time in formalin is 
unknown) and then kept in ethanol (age of samples ranges from 25-35
years).  SO far I have not tried anything beyond a proteinase K/phenol/
chloroform extraction that typically yields spooled DNA from fresh
or recent, ethanol-only-preserved tissue.  DTT has been suggested as
a means of breaking up the DNA-protein cross-links, so this may be the
next line of attack.  ANy suggestions or advice would be appreciated. 
Has anyone had luck with formalin-preserved tissues or am I wasting
my time?

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