Bioventures DNA isolation Kit

Fri Oct 28 08:13:11 EST 1994

jwg at (MAD, MAD, MAD SCIENTIST) writes: 

>Has anyone tried BioVentures DNA isolation kits for
>isolating DNA for PCR?  They claim they can be used for
>plant, animal, bacteria, etc.  We are thinking about trying
>the kit with Citrus.  The cost is listed as $100 for 400 samples.
>Thanks for any comments any of you may have.

Yes, I use their GeneReleaser resin routinely for sample prep of 
blood and bacteria for PCR.  I find that it works great and a big 
advantage is that you can do the DNA prep in the same tube as the 
PCR (in the thermocycler or microwave).  The only disadvantage for 
me is that I have not been able to get it it to work with "Long" PCR - it 
seems to completely wipe out enzyme activity.
Standard disclaimers apply, other than I am a satisfied customer.
Rebeccas at

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