ECL for colony hybridization

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I, too, had such problems, until I realized that I was no longer using nylon 
membranes.  I had gone back to the normal nitrocellulose circle filters I 
had used previously (Before DIG came to be) without realizing that the 
chemiluminescent reactants are repelled by nitrocellulose.  Check your 
manual to get a better description of this phenomena

>>I routinly use ECL 
non-radioactive DNA labeling system (Amersham) for >>Southern. Recently, I 
used same system for colony hybridization in order to >>clone a gene of 
interest. Instead of getting specific signals for the colony >>which has right 
plasmid, I got signals on all the colonies (False-positive).>>I wonder if this 
system is not suitable for colony hybridization because of>>non-specific 
protein-protein interaction, or washing condition was not >>stringent enough 
to avoid non-specific bindings.>>Rinkei Ko: rko at


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