Were we can buy cheapest DNA primers?

Robert Nelson ADEVICE at ix.netcom.com
Sun Oct 30 13:43:23 EST 1994

In <kkoivu.2.2EAF6056 at viikki.helsinki.fi> kkoivu at viikki.helsinki.fi (KIMMO KOIVU (MMKAT_OPISK)) writes: 

>We need to synthesize different sequences of DNA, however primers are very 
>expensive in Finland. Were from Europe we can order cheapest primers? 

Just a friendly note of caution... the cheapest lab may not produce the best oligos.  A recent
publication by Al Smith at Stanford shows that some commercial labs do not quality
control their oligos.  This leads to there being many failure sequences, and sometimes
no product at all.  Your experiments may fail due to the bad primer from a cheap lab.

Robert Nelson

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