Luciferase Problems?

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Mon Oct 31 12:56:54 EST 1994

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> Hello netters,
>         I was at a conference on Translational Control in August,
> and someone told me that
> they had heard about people having problems using Luciferase and
> B-Galactosidase as reporters.  I presume this was in eukaryotic
> systems, but she could give me no details.  Unfortunatley I can't
> remember who I was talking to, and I have found no reference to
> this problem since.  Does anybody know of such problems using Luc
> or Gal as reporters?  If so, what kind of problems?
>         Thanks for any replies.
> Sherri
> U of C
> Calgary AB
> Canada

Yep...i have problems...

(mostly promoters interfering.....!)



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