inducible drug resistance

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Mon Oct 31 11:42:33 EST 1994


I would like to develop a mammalian cell expression system to screen for
functional recpetors.  These receptors are thought to couple to G-proteins
to cause an increase in either cAMP or IP3 second messengers.  I was
wondering if anyone has any information on the use of reporter constructs
that will induce the transcription of drug resistance genes for selection
in a mammalian expression system.  It would be most helpful if these
reporter constructs would be inducible by either a PKA or PKC pathway.  I
thank you in advance for any help.

Please e-mail me directly in addition to the newsgroup because my news
server is quite weird and I miss postings.

Stephen Nowicki
University of Florida
Department of Pharmacology
JKHlab at

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