Smallest Cloning Vector and Selectable Marker ...

Scott B. Mulrooney ef075 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Mon Oct 31 23:05:18 EST 1994

I have used a vector that is only 1.5 kb in size. The reference
is .Gayle, R. B., Vermersch, P. S., & Bennett, G. N. (1986)  lGene 41 n, 281-288.
ene, 41:281. The plasmid is pRBG156, although the paper
describes several others. The only thing which may be a
problem is that the antibiotic resistance is trimethoprim.
It requires the use of Mueller-Hintom broth or some minimal
media without yeast extract. This marker is a trimethoprim-
resistant dihydrofolate reductase - very small, and they
also messed with the RNAI and RNAII which gives it a very
high copy number.
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Department of Biological Chemistry
University of Michigan
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