Buying Hyb. Oven/Roller

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Thu Sep 1 13:23:25 EST 1994

In Article <1994Aug30.093334.28556 at miavx1>, ktgeiss at wrote:
>     We are going to buy a hybridization oven/roller. If you have any
>experience with them, could you please forward your suggestions?

I like the ovens made by Bellco. Ours has been in almost constant use for
over a year now, and has not given us any major problems. The best thing
about these ovens is there is no 32P mess when compared to using bag
sealers. Also, one can use much less hybridization fluid in each
hybridization rection. The down side is, there is a practical limit to the
size of the membranes one can put into the bottles, however this is usually
not a problem unless you are hybridizing huge blots. The botttles are a
little small (about 3cm diameter), but with a little practice, it is pretty
easy to get the filters into them. No leaks, ever!

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