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Thu Sep 1 13:34:05 EST 1994

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tdstrugn at ACS.UCALGARY.CA ("Tod Dwayne Strugnell") wrote:
>Does anyone know the accession number for Promega's pGEM3 - the
>old one?  Thanks
>Tod Strugnell
>University of Calgary
>Calgary AB

The pGEM vectors are numbered from X65300-X65335, unfortunately, I could not
find pGEM3 in genbank. pGEM3Z is X65303, but I think this might be newer
than the 'old' pGEM3, or else they have recently appended the Z to the name.
However, I have the sequence, which was entered into my database manually,
and can send it to if you trust its accuracy. Alternatively, you can get
Promega to fax it to you, and enter it yourself. Usually, the tech support
persons do not know the accession numbers, in my experience. Don't ask me why.

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