DATA MANAGEMENT of ABI373 Core Sequencing Facility

Steve Marsh smarsh at
Fri Sep 2 16:34:03 EST 1994

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hardy at (Richard R. Hardy) wrote:
> R. Hardy
> Member, Institute for Cancer Research,
> Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA
> (215) 728-2463

We are in the process of setting up a core facility. We have three 373A
sequencers. We Have set up a data base using Microsoft Works to keep track
of the samples run so we can bill the users. We set up an order sheet that
contains the sample info and personal info. We do the printouts and copy
the files to disk and the people can pick up their results at their
leisure. We have 2 full-time techs (myself and 1 other) and we are looking
for athird person. We will be running the reactions and gels for the
Division of Biology here at Cal Tech in the next few weeks. The most
dificult part is working out how to get the samples to us and the results
back. I will let you know how things progress for us.

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