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Fri Sep 2 19:49:38 EST 1994

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Jeanne Loring <jloring at> wrote:

>YES!! I inadvertently did the same experiment, with a 3% NuSieve TBE gel
>containing some <100 bp PCR products.  I left it over a weekend in 1:10,000 SYBR
>green in water, and on Monday, there was very little diffusion.  The DNA in same
>type of gel stained with EtBr would be very diffuse if not gone in that much
>time ( I do this experiment a lot).  I assume that SBYR green stabilizes the
>DNA, and remains tightly bound, perhaps changing the conformation or the charge
>of the DNA, making it less diffusible.  The literature that comes with the dye
>says that you can prestain the DNA before running it on a gel, and that this
>DOES affect the migration.  I assume it affects all DNA similarly, so putting it
>in the gel will just alter the migration of both standards and experimental
>bands equally, and make no difference.  However, I don't know whether it binds
>stoichiometrically, or if it EVER comes off, so I've been loathe to try it for
>quantitation or prep gels.  Anyone know?
>Jeanne Loring

I called up Molecular Probes technical support to specifically ask about this.
The conversation went something like,

Me: How do get this off?
Them: Uh, use standard techniques...
Me: Like?
Them: GeneClean should work.
Me: How about n-butanol?
Them: Uh, yeah, that should work too.
Me: Has anybody tried any of this?
Them: Uh....Let me check...I'm not sure.

At this point I thanked them and hung up. I guess one of these days, I'll
try band cutting...


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