Sequencing using infrared tags

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Fri Sep 2 18:00:01 EST 1994

In <341tq5$5ng at>, akleinsc at (Ann Kleinschmidt) writes:
>I am interested in obtaining the name of the company that manufactures a  
>automated sequencing apparatus that uses infrared detection rather than  
>requiring the use of fluorescent tags.  Any information about this system  
>would be appreciated.  You can email your responses directly to me at  
>akleinsc at
>Thanks for your help.
>Ann Kleinschmidt
>Assistant Professor of Biology
>Allegheny College   

The company is LI-COR, Biotechnology Division, P.O. Box 4000 (4421 Superior Street),
Lincoln NE 68504.  Their number is 1-800-645-4267.  If you have any questions about 
the instrument, the technology, or the chemistry, ask for Abe Oommen.  Abe got his 
Ph.D.  with me and did a post-doc with Rick Dixon before going to Li-Cor.  Li-Cor is 
the leader in infrared detection systems for plant sciences (CO2 monitors, etc.)  and 
has had a sequencer under development for a number of years.  The company is friendly 
and responsive, and the technology is rock-solid.  

We have just bought a Li-Cor for our core facility.  The first run, right out of the
box, it read about 900 bases (600-700 with auto-read and another 200 with manual
assist).  And base-calling goes on simultaneously with gel reading!  The technology
is truely beautiful:  the infrared laser is a solid-state diode, and the detector is 
a miniaturized confocal microscope with solid-state detector cells.  Both components 
fit in your hand.  Some advantages are that:  infrared allows use of ordinary glass 
plates; laser lifetime is 10-20 times longer than visible laser (10-30 years vs.  1-2 
years) focussing detector means that different thicknesses of gel can be used (0.1 mm 
to 1 mm); adjustable gel sizes means many different applications can be accommodated.  

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