Inexpensive blotting paper?

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> The cost of a box of blotting paper from S&S went up from $77 to $115 with
> our last order. That means we're spending $600 *for paper*  a year.
> What are people out there using for electroblotting, that might save us
> all a few (or a few hundred) bucks a year?
This thread ran a couple of months ago or more and stimulated me to look
into the availability of blotting paper from stationery suppliers locally. 
 I found that a standard UK make ( e.g. Spicer's) in the same sheet size as
Whatman chromatography paper is available in a range of weights (e.g. 125
or 140 gm / sq. m) and the comparable weight to 3MM costs close to 50% of
3MM's price.   The quality is different - somewhat smoother, harder &
thinner - and it seems to have slightly less wet strength and to buckle
slightly more when damped.   Our first tries with it were OK, but the gel
seemed to take slightly longer to dry (i.e. we have only used it for
unfixed sequencing gels) and we are not using it routinely except as the
under-sheet at present.   On the whole I think that if money were tight it
could be used OK.
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