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> >I will be running in vitro transcripts out on polyacrylamide gels and need to
> >use molecular weight markers. How accurate is it to end-label DNA markers with
> >polynucleotide kinase and 32P-ATP and use those?  Do I heat them first to 
> >denature them?  Are there better methods?  Thanks in advance for your help!
> >
> What we do is use cold pre-stained markers, and prior to exposing them to 
> the film, we dot them with a fountain pen containing ink and tailings 
> from old 32P tubes. Makes for a radioactive ink, which we cover with 
> Scotch tape (to prevent smudging on the film).

Rather tan make up 32P ink you may want to try going to your local 
Artists supply store.  Pick up a tube of glow-in-the-dark glue such 
as is sold for use on Sweatshirts.  This glue has glitter and a 
yellow tint to it.  You can spot the stuff on plastic, dried gels, 
paper, etc.  A few minutes to dry in the light and then load on film. 
 The glow is a nice low-level green and just right for giving a nice 
black spot on the film.  The stuff is cheap (about $1.50), readily available and 

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