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Fri Sep 2 05:40:17 EST 1994

In article <345a8b$4mb7 at> cmstoltz at (Marty Stoltzfus) writes:
>   This is not really methods and reagents but I am hoping that computer-
>   literate Netters will be able to help me. I am using the Squiggles
>   program on the GCG Wisconsin package and want to print out the graphics
>   at my terminal. I am on a Mac and have a Personal Laserwriter. I tried
>   the POSTSCRIPT command but the only output I got was pages of numbers.
>   I am using Microphone II on a modem. Can I get graphics output and if
>   so, what sort of configuration commands do I give? Thanks in advance;
>   e-mail response preferred.

Sounds like the printer doesn't realise it is getting postscript, and prints
the postscript commands instead of drawing the picture.

The POSTSCRIPT command can also send output to a file (just give the filename
instead of a device name). Then print it like any other PostScript file, or
transfer it to your Mac and then download it to the printer. (How I wish Macs had
a print command, or a way to drag the file to the printer, or ... :-)

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