Bacterial Chromosomes and PFGE

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Fri Sep 2 10:16:19 EST 1994

In article <345o72$njr at>, lanoilb at (Brian_D Lanoil) says:
My problem: when I run E. coli on the gel as a control, I see multiple 
>bands.  Since E. coli has only one chromosome and this particular strain 
>has no plasmids, I am at a loss to explain what the extra bands are.  
>There is one band which runs at the correct size of ~4.5 Mb, but all of 
>the others are _larger_.

If the problem is one of incomplete replication forks so that you
are separating christmas tree structures, you can let your cultures
proceed into late log phase and/or add chloramphenicol which allows
rounds of replication to be completed but inhibits the initiation of
new rounds of replication.  This should give only the 4.5 MB chromosome.

good luck

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