graphics from GCG programs

Tom Doak tom_doak at
Sun Sep 4 11:27:45 EST 1994

Subject: graphics from GCG programs
From: Marty Stoltzfus, cmstoltz at

Ummm, there are a number of ways to approach this problem.  If you are
going to be doing a lot of GCG work in the future, I would strongly
recommend getting a better emulation program for your Mac.  You are
probably using MacIP?  Look into getting VersaTerm Pro (I don't get a
cent), which will make the printing of all GCG graphics completely
painless.  As well as allow you to save them all as MacDraw files for
editing.  It's not cheap as I recall, and it's use, esp initial setup, is
not transparent, see if a local uses it.  (It's also not clear to me that
it will be the best thing to use once GCG gains XWindows capacity this
The other simple approach is to see if you VAX will allow you to
designate a Mac printer as it's output printer, ours will, talk to your
system whom-ever.
For simple Postscript files there a number of ways to print from a Mac. 
But let me point out that GCG graphics files are not simple PS files, as
I recall, though I believe there is a way to specify they be saved that
way.  Give the GCG folks a call on that if it's not clear in the manual. 
To print simple postscript files, that I know of:  1)  GhostScript, free
on many servers, will display, print and save as PICT, but it's way flaky
in my hands.  And the quality is not perfect, the PS must be interpreted
to pixals of some sort.  2)  The laserwriter driver utility I got with
laserwriter driver v8 allows you to print PS files, my success with it
has not been 100%.  3)  DropPS will print a perfect PS file, no blocky
interpretation,, brought to you by the same folks who gave you Stuffit
Expander I'm told.  I haven't had it long, but it seems to be perfect. 
It doesn't display, it doesn't convert to anything else.  Should be free
on various servers.
How is that?

Tom Doak
SaltLakeCity, Utah
tom_doak at

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