DNA Polymerase "extendase" activity

Enrique Jose Labadan Frio - SCBC - 3421101 g3421101 at mucc.mahidol.ac.th
Sun Sep 4 22:58:12 EST 1994

Enrique Jose Labadan Frio - SCBC - 3421101 (g3421101 at mucc.mahidol.ac.th) wrote:

: Dear friends and colleagues,

: 	 Klenow (surprised even more! the great blunting enzyme...?)
:   	 T7 (from which Klenow was derived, by cutting off the 5'-3' 
: 	     exonuclease domain)

	Oops, that was supposed to be DNA pol I and not T7. Sorry for the 
blurb (quite stressed these days). :)

	As to the original questions, I'll keep waiting for the great 
replies we all come to expect on methods-and-reagents. Will post a 
summary later. 


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