DNA Polymerase "extendase" activity

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Sun Sep 4 22:50:55 EST 1994

On Fri, 2 Sep 1994 jobling at usuhs.usuhs.mil wrote:

> jsut a thought but someone from a biochemistry dept should know that
> Klenow is derived from DNA polymerase I (Kornberg enzyme!) and not
> T7 polymerase which is a phage enzyme. Klenow like derivatives
> of T7 have been created (sequenase i.e. T7 pol is functionally similar but
> inactivated by chemical treatment I believe; ver 2.0 maybe a genetic deletion 
> if I remeber some USB blurb correctly), which may have caused the
>  misunderstanding.

	Sorry for the mistake - but I appreciate the correction. I'm a 
bit stressed the past few days :). As to my original questions, I'm 
certain that they'll be answered by some out there, so I'll just keep 
waiting. I'll post a summary of all the responses I get.

> my 2c worth.

	Worth a million. Thanks again!

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