Sequencing using infrared tags

Lawrence Washington lwashing at
Tue Sep 6 17:10:01 EST 1994

In article <1994Sep2.180002.71883 at>,
peterg at (Peter Gegenheimer) wrote:
> In <341tq5$5ng at>, akleinsc at (Ann Kleinschmidt) writes:
> >I am interested in obtaining the name of the company that manufactures a  
> >automated sequencing apparatus that uses infrared detection rather than  
> >requiring the use of fluorescent tags.
> >Ann Kleinschmidt
> >Assistant Professor of Biology
> >Allegheny College 

	Just a point of clarification; LI-COR's sequencer DOES require fluorescent
tags. I know of no automated sequencer that does not require some sort of
label. The difference between their tags and those of ABI is, as Peter
Gegenheimer says, that they emit in the infrared range.
	We have had a LI-COR machine since this Spring and it is generally as
Peter Gegenheimer describes it in his ad.  

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