graphics from GCG programs

Marty Stoltzfus cmstoltz at
Tue Sep 6 12:10:37 EST 1994

Thanks to everyone who replied to my query regarding printing GCG graphics
on the Mac.  The way that several people suggested worked for me.
First, when logged on to the VAX, initialize graphics in the following
To what port is your LASERWRITER connected (*TERM*): supply any filename
Then run the Squiggles program on your file from the FOLD output from the
GCG. The squiggles file will go to the filename created above.
	Then transfer the Postscript file to the Mac and send it to the printer
I used the LaserWriter Font Utility on the Personal LaserWriter installation
disk to do this.
	There are other emulation programs that would make life easier
according to your comments but for right now this is working OK for me.
Marty Stoltzfus

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