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> Recently someone had posted an article on how to wash the Qiagen columns
and re
> use them. Could I get the information about the procedure on the net
> ks Lakshmi

I think that this was the best reply, it came from Amos (nestgrp at

Several of you have inquired as to why Qiagen or Macherey-Nagel suggest a 
limited period of time within which to reuse your cartridges for plasmid 
preps.  This is the explanation for Nucleobond and since the products are 
nearly identical, separate patents not withstanding, the explanation will 
fit both.

The products are silica based and as such the elution conditions of pH > 
8.0 would dissolve the silica in the matrix upon long storage at these 
conditions.  With the normal allowance for German English translation, 
the reasoning on a 3 hr or one day period is the following: 

1.  less than 3 hrs will assure silica will not have dissolved if you 
nonchromatographers have left the cartridges in the high pH buffer.
2. less than assumes that you washed the cartridges with at least 5 
column volumes of water and equilibrated the cartridges in the pH 6.3 
buffer and then left the cartridges around.  The one day would assure 
that the cartridges would not have dried out or formed air pockets which 
would prevent good access to the surface chemistry, which would result in 
lower yields.
3. you could wash the cartridges off with ethanol:water 50:50 and store 
them and when ready to reuse repeat the wash prior to equilibration with 
the binding buffer.  This would prevent bacterial growth on storage, it 
would wet the surface for intimate contact of the buffer and would lower 
your cartridge consumption.  Do you really think they want you to do that?

If you want to try the Nucleobond, give me a call 800-347-6378.

Amos (nestgrp at

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