pcDNA1amp sequence

John Watson ajwatson at romeo.caltech.edu
Wed Sep 7 11:29:53 EST 1994

In article <34huoaINNo4c at early-bird.think.com>, york at mbcrr.dfci.harvard.edu
(Ian A. York) wrote:
> 	Does anyone out there have the sequence for Invitrogen's pcDNA1amp
> vector handy?  (Our lab had it, but apparently somewhere in the chain the 
> photocopy went from double-sided to single sided and half the sequence was
> lost.)  
> 	If anyone has it, I would greatly appreciate it if you could send it 
> to me: york at mbcrr.harvard.edu
> 	Thanks.

I would think you could call Invitrogen and have them fax you a copy of the
sequence.  If they won't, send me your fax number and I'll fax it to you.

ajwatson at romeo.caltech.edu

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