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> Hi All,
> I recently had an interesting trouble with 12% PAGE. When I started pre-run at
> 1500 V, 50 mA, after about 10 min the gel was pulled off from the top of
the plates
> into the upper reservoir. When I repeated and pre-ran gel at 500 V, this
did not
> occur; however, when I increased a voltage, it was pulled again. I never
> experienced it with 20% gels (with 8M urea, in both cases). What might be a
> cause?
> Thanks for explanations!
> D.Zharkov (dmitry at

I've only had this problem when I oversiliconized my plates.  I've found
that if you wash your plates with something like comet after you first
siliconize them, you can avoid this problem.


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