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>	I am looking for some tips on working with RNA.  Specifically, I would
>like to know how people treat their plasticware. 

Pipet tips and microfuge tubes straight from a new bag should be RNAse free.
To avoid contamination of the samples by aerosols fromthe micropipetter, I
either use a positive pressure pipette or "filtertip" pipette tips that
contain an aerosol blocking matrix.

>ANY other tips, suggestions, or reflections are 
>welcome.  I have been having a problem with degradation in the formaldehyde
>gels I have been running and am seeking advice on how to do it right!

If all your solutions are made with DEPC-treated ddH2O, then the only
remaining culprit would be the gel unit.
If it is made of chloroform resistant material you can just wipe it with a
chloroform-soaked kimwipe and let it air-dry (USE THE FUME HOOD FOR THIS)
If it cannot be cleaned with chloroform, you have to treat it with dilute
DEPC (described in Maniatis et al)

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