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>Can anyone send me information on PEST-sequences and how they regulate
>protein degradation? I'm especially interested in a program mentioned
>in Science "PEST-SCORE" (Science Oct 1986, Vol. 234 pg. 364-368, by
>Scott Rodgers, Martin Rechsteiner et al.)
>Does anyone have a copy of the algorithm?
>Please e-mail me one, if you do, at:
>          carterd at
>               Thanks in advance,
>                   Darrick Carter 

I'm don't think the mechanism by which PEST sequences regulate polypeptide
degradation is understood at this point (see also J. Biol. Chem. 266:
11213-11220). As far as searching for PEST sequences, what I have done in
the past is a simple amino acid composition analysis. I think the Science
paper mentions something about proteins with greater than X% PEST (35%? it's
been a long time since I read it) residues being highly likely to turn over
rapidly. Sorry I can't help more than that.

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