Columns for miniprep DNA

Carlisle Landel landel at helios
Thu Sep 8 16:30:55 EST 1994

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Marty Stoltzfus <cmstoltz at> wrote:
>Since we cannot use the Promega Wizard columns because they don't work
>what is the best alternative column for purifying DNA from minipreps for
>sequencing? Quiagen sells something called QIAprep-Spin Plasmid kit. Do
>they work? Thanks in advance.
>Marty Stoltzfus

Do boiling minipreps and sequence directly!  We do it all the time.
We've set up an assembly line system that is fast-fast-fast--we can
do 40 minipreps and sequence them and load them on the gel all in one

I'll send you details if you want.

Carlisle Landel

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