PCR: Promega Taq vs. Perkin-Elmer Taq

Zainul Zain zainul at KB.USM.MY
Thu Sep 8 11:04:27 EST 1994

Dear Ross,

We have evaluated Taq from a number of sources including Promega and 
Perkin-Elmer. We found that Promega Taq is okay with purified(ish) DNA 
but are not too reliable when it comes to using clinical specimens. Taq 
from PE and Boeringer-Mannheim (also licensed) are far superior for 
amplifying targets in clinical specimens.  

Zainul F. Zainuddin

On 6 Sep 1994, Ross Whetten wrote:

> In article <346gh9$dhs at neuro.usc.edu>, merlin at neuro.usc.edu (merlin) writes:
> |>
> |>Promega Taq seems significantly cheaper Perlin-Elmer Taq.  Are there
> |>any significant differences between these two enzyme sources for PCR?
> |>
>  Promega Taq is not licensed for use in PCR; 
> the difference in cost between Promega enzyme and 
> Taq from BMB, USB, Perkin-Elmer or other sources is 
> due in part to the royalties paid by the other vendors
> to Hoffman-LaRoche. 
> -- 
> Ross Whetten 
> Research Assistant Professor 

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