DATA MANAGEMENT of ABI373 Core Sequencing Facility

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Thu Sep 8 13:53:24 EST 1994

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[description of using a Quadra 840 with Mac filesharing to make sequence
data available over the network deleted]

> of course this only works on a mac based system, but since the ABI software
> is Mac only, that shouldn't be a problem.

Another approach we are using is to run an Appleshare fileserver on a
non-Mac system you happen to have around; we use DEC Pathworks to do this
on a VAXStation-4000/90.  The Mac volume on the VAX mounts on the
ABI-conected Mac desktop, allowing copying of the day's results.  Then
users access their data on the VAX server volume from individual lab
Macs.  Pacer also makes an Appleshare fileserver for UNIX systems.

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