Centri-sep re-use

Lisa Bibbs lisa at scripps.edu
Thu Sep 8 12:26:27 EST 1994

We have an ABI 373A and have been using the Prism kits.  We have been
re-packing our centri-sep columns with sepahdex-g50 for some time now. 
Recently, we've run into a few problems with unincorporated Dye coming
through and causing a large yellow blob to cover about 20 bases at about
100 bases into the sequence.  We had the problem earlier before we were
re-packing but it was intermittant.  Does anyone know what causes this? 
Does anyone re-pack?  How many times do you re-use the columns before
throwing them away?
Thanks in advance
Lisa Bibbs
TSRI Core Facility

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