Does anyone have experience with LONG PCR?

kamin johnson kamin_johnson at
Fri Sep 9 18:24:33 EST 1994

In article <34nl57$fj3 at>, kelly at (Kelly
Carpenter) wrote:

> We are attempting to amplify a 16 kb fragment and would like to hear
> about other's experience with using technique, buffer recipes,
> protocols, and kits tried.
> Any or no success using this, we'd like to know.  
> Thanks,
> Kelly
> kelly at

   In a recent issue of TIBS (I think, one of the Trends... issues anyway)
there was a discussion of the "long and accurate" PCR technique.  The
point was that the technique seems to require one to follow the protocol
of Barnes rigidly.  The protocol was given in the issue.

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